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I created this site for everybody who is interested in helicopters. A main focus is on helicopter pilot training in the swiss air force, but the gallery, the funstuff and the links should also satisfy people who don't want to know how to become a helicopter pilot.

This is NOT an official page of the Swiss Air Force or the Swiss Air Force Flight Academy. This is just an information page. Otherwise check www.fvs.ch or www.airforcepilot.ch

Die Seite ist auf englisch, damit ich damit möglichst viele Leute im In- und Ausland ansprechen kann, und jemand, der Helipilot werden will, muss soviel englisch können.

To keep the site simple and fast I avoided using effects and a lot of graphics. If you notice an error, a bad link or a copyright problem, please inform me.

Pictures on this site are copyright by Jeremy Faux, Matthias Löchel, David Faux, Esther Louis, Mario Agustoni, Michael Meister, Charly Bachmann, Jarno Benz and Swiss Air Force

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Jeremy Faux, 18. April 2002